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Priesthood Sunday Liturgy Planning


Plan a liturgy

National Priesthood is Sunday October 30, 2016, however, any Sunday in Ordinary Time a parish chooses to make it so that that Sunday is not 'ordinary' for our parish priests is celebrating Priesthood Sunday.

Scripture Readings of the day may be found at the USCCB website.


First Reading




Second Reading



Talking ~ Praying ~ Singing

About Vocations

Suggested Talking points

Ideas about what parishes can do to stimulate the conversation.

1.) Examine the history of success in the parish encouraging vocations to the priesthood. Ask these questions:

2.) Invite a seminarian to speak after Mass about his experience being in the seminary today. Have him address these questions:

3.) Ask a parent of a Seminarian to talk about their experience. Have the parent address these questions:

4.) Sample petitions for the prayer of the faithful composed by Ms. Ginny McGhee, Program Director, ODW, Archdiocese of Chicago that a parish may use throughout the year to prayer as a community for vocations. Pray as a Community

5.) Create a Parish Prayer based on the English or Spanish Sacramentary and one based on Catholic Household Blessings & Prayers could be recited by the community as a Communion meditation. Create a Prayer

6.) Music suggestions from Mr. Chuck Kessel, Director of Liturgical Music for ODW, Archdiocese of Chicago. Music to lift our voices to God in Prayer

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