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Set up a dialogue

How well do your parishioners and priests know each other? Start a dialogue to exchange concerns and ideas.

Use Priesthood Sunday as a starting point for opening parish communications. Set up an informal parish meeting with your priests. The purpose of this meeting is to give parishioners a chance to listen to priests talk about their everyday lives and need for support, and for the priests to hear the laity’s concerns, needs and ideas for mutual support with priests. This meeting requires a little planning:

1) Consult with your priest(s) to select a date for the meeting.

2) Draw up a meeting agenda.

3) Select a volunteer parishioner to record the highlights of the meeting’s discussion.

4) Decide on a start and end time for the meeting.

If you need a second meeting, repeat the steps above.


"What Is A Priest?"

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Fishers of Men

The Fishers of Men program is designed to encourage priests to step back from their daily lives and reflect on the many positive reasons they pursued their vocations, to discuss those reasons with their brother priests, parish families and ultimately to share those reasons with other men with an invitation to the priesthood.

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